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Modular design of Prizmatix collimated LEDs enables easy connection of multiple LED heads to beam combiners to create multi-wavelength collimated, light-guide coupled, or fiber coupled LED light source.

The multi-wavelength system can mix Prizmatix collimated LEDs from High Power Mic-LED and Ultra-High-Power UHP-T-LEDs product lines.

Please use Prizmatix LED Spectra Viewer to simulate such multi-wavelength systems.

LED Spectra Viewer input graph shows full spectrum of LED light sources, dichroic mirrors and filters. The output graph shows the resulting illumination overplayed on the spectra of the selected fluorescence dyes.

Numerous multiwavelength configurations are possible. We provide here few templates for modular systems.

If you need fixed system please review Prizmatix CombiLED Light-Engine.

If you need modular system with different configuration please contact us with your specific requirements.

Template for Dual LED System


Prizmatix LED Spectra Viewer Tutorial

Template for Dual LED with Microscope System

Template for Triple LED System

Template for Quad LED System

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