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Prizmatix Ltd. specializes in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for microscopy and optogenetics as well as other scientific and industrial applications. Our systems incorporate the latest technology in packages that offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing. We have a full range of products, including high-power fiber-coupled LEDs and UV LEDs.

We also provide custom development of various photonics products based on our experience in High Power LEDs, fluorescence microscopy, absorption, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, fiber optics techniques, Biophotonics, bio compatible materials and many other related technologies. We offer rapid development basing on our OptiBlocks fiber optics rapid prototyping system.

We welcome your inquiries for development of custom products or adaptations of our standard products to your specific requirements.


See some of our featured Products:

IN-VIVO Optogenetics Toolbox for Freely Moving Mammals - Prizmatix offers a full range of products for in-vivo Optogenetics at freely-moving mammals from Optogenetics-LED light sources through Rotary-Joint, flexible fiber optics and implants (cannulae) at microsecond-scale temporal precision.

IN-VITRO Optogenetics Toolbox - versatile Optogenetics activation system includes Ultra High Power LEDs, Beam Combiners for multiple opsin activation, Fiber Optics and Microscope Adaptors for coupling to fiber or to epifluorescence port of microscope.

Collimated LED Light Sources for Fluorescence Microscopy - High Power Collimated LEDs at numerous wavelengths for high end customized fluorescence microscopy setups Liquid Light Guide coupled High Power LEDs for routine fluorescence microscopy and more.

Fiber-Coupled LED Light Sources - Single and Multi-Wavelength Fiber-Coupled LED light source modules for applications such as Spectroscopy, Optogenetics, Cross linking and many others. Available at numerous wavelengths from UV to NIR as single wavelength or multi-wavelength devices

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