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The Motorized Filter Wheel accessory is used with interference filters (not supplied) to select some specific wavelength ranges from a white light or to narrow the emission band of a color LEDs. The filter wheel can be used with neutral density (ND) filters to attenuate LED light intensity to achieve wide dynamic range of LED illumination.

Prizmatix Motorized Filter Wheel holding up to five filters. The device power and control realized via USB cable without additional power adaptor.

The Motorized Filter wheel is especially useful with Prizmatix Ultra High Power UHP-T-White LED for selection of several specific wavelengths. The Filter Wheel shall be connected to collimated LED for correct wavelength selection by the interference filters.

Motorized Filter Wheel
Motorized Filter Wheel

Key Features



Filters size (diameter / thickness) ø1" (25.4mm) / up to 0.25” (6.35mm)
Number of filter positions 5
Adaptor for optional optical fiber ~1 sec
Adjacent filter change time Prizmatix FCA-SMA / FCA-FC
Adaptor for Light Guide Prizmatix LLG-A
Adaptors for microscope
epi-fluorescence illumination port
Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss or Leica
Connection to Prizmatix LED heads SM1 Ports (1.035"-40TPI) thread SM1 Ports (1.035"-40TPI) thread
Connection to other systems SM1 Ports (1.035"-40TPI) thread

Mechanical Drawings

Motorized Filter Wheel

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