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The UHP-X-LED Ultra High Power LED source is a state-of-the-art lighting solution designed for laboratory-grade high-performance applications. It boasts an ultra-powerful Luminus Devices® LED mounted on a high-performance heatsink and comes equipped with a high-current driver and power control circuits. With this LED, users have the flexibility to connect their choice of optics to achieve the desired illumination for their experiments and research. The product is equipped with standard SM1, SM2, and 30mm cage system threads.

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The UHP-X-LED stands out from the competition with its advanced control features, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in meeting your illumination needs. With this LED light source, you can easily adjust the output power via Analog input and conveniently control fast pulsing (for strobe applications) using the TTL input.
In addition, the UHP-X-LED is equipped with a 12Bit DAC that enables power control through I2C or USB (a small interface module is required). This innovative feature, along with the availability of application software and API with examples (including LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C++, and Python), makes it easy to integrate the UHP-X-LED into your laboratory setup.

Key Features:
  • Single chip Ultra High Brightness LED
  • Simple integration for OEM
  • Optically isolated TTL and Analog input
  • Fast TTL switching
  • Remote control by I²C
  • Optional Console for Power and ON/OFF control
  • Low optical noise
CTRL-F Manual Control Unit
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Optical Specifications

Product P/N Total Power [mW] Normalized Value [a.u.] Bandwidth Power[mW]

Center [nm] Width [nm]

Wavelength (nm)  

UHP-X-LED Control Options

Prizmatix offers several types of control options for the UHP-X-LED. The standard product can be used without any external device simply by switching the main switch the LED will operate at maximum power (see Configuration A below).

The standard product has TTL and Analog Inputs, both opto-isolated. These inputs can be used for creation of fast pulses and for power control (see Caonfigurations B, C below).

The CTRL-F control unit enable convienent manual control of UHP-X-LED power from maximum to off (see Configuration D below). For control of the power from computer we offer UHP-F-USB a small interface box which enables Windows or Mac to control the light source over USB. Software is freely avalible at Prizmatix website. API is availie upon request (see Configuration E below).

CTRL-F Manual Control Unit
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The CTRL-F and UHP-F-USB can be connected in chain so user can operate the LED manaully and from computer without a need to disconnect and reconnect cables (see Configuration F below).

If UHP-X-LED need to operate in Pulsed mode the Fuction Generator can be used with any of describer power control options, so the intensity of the pulses can be controller through CTRL-F or UHP-F-USB or eben by Analog input. (as example see Configuration G below).

Configuration A:

Basic On/Off - mimics the standard lamp. The UHP-F will work at maximum current.


Configuration B:

Additionally, to configuration A: a Function generator can be connected to the TTL input of UHP-F to create fast pulses.


Configuration C:

Additionally, to configuration B: The LED current can be controlled through an Analog Input BNC connector. The analog signal can be, for example, from a USB D/A module.


Configuration D:

The LED current can be manually controlled through CTRL-F. A small, wired console with a potentiometer that sends I2C control signals to the UHP-F


Configuration E:

The LED current can be controlled from a computer by UHP-F-USB interface. Control software for PC or Mac is provided. API is available upon request.


Configuration F:

Configurations D and E can be combined to create versatile control. Manual and computerized at the same time.


Configuration G:

Additionally, to configuration F: a Function generator can be connected to the TTL input of UHP-F to create fast pulses.


Electrical Specifications:
Digital modulation (TTL Input) Hz DC-30000
Analog modulation (Analog Input) Hz DC-100
Analog power control % 0-100
ON/OFF   Power switch or by TTL signal
Supply voltage V 12
Power adaptor input   85-264 VAC, 47-63Hz, 1.5A

General Specifications:
Operation temperature range 0C 10-35
Storage temperature range 0C -10-55
Operative relative humidity (Non condensing) % <90
Dimensions See drawing below
Head weight g 750
Power adaptor dimensions
(L x W x H)
mm 167 x 67 x 35
Power adaptor weight g 590
Power adaptor safety  

Mechanical Drawings



  • For more detailed drawing please download this UHP-X drawing in PDF format.
  • The product features: SM1 internal thread (1.035”-40TPI), SM2 external thread (2.035”-40TPI) and 30mm cage system (4 x threads #4-40).
  • Specifications subject to changes without notice.

Ordering Information
Item Description P/N

Ultra-High power mounted LED source for lab applications.
Please specify the wavelength.
A power adaptor is included.

(WL = 405, 460, 520, 560, 625, WDH, WDS, WCS, WSS, HCRI, W57, W65)

Optional wired remote control unit for manual control of the UHP-X illuminator.
Cable included.


USB to UHP-X interface box.
Enables UHP-X to work with Windows control software (supplied with the product).
Compatible with Windows-based software like MetaMorph, Micro-Manager, LabView, Matlab, and other software that can send HyperTerminal commands.


RS232 interface box.
Enables UHP-X to work with Windows-based software via RS232 link.


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