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The FC-BBW series comprises scientific light sources designed for Visible light spectroscopy applications. These fiber-coupled LED sources are distinguished by their wideband white light emission, featuring unique, nearly flat spectra. This characteristic makes them exceptionally well-suited for absorbance, transmission, and reflectance spectroscopy. They are best utilized in conjunction with portable spectrometers, which are readily available on the market.

    FC-BBW Fiber Coupled LED Brochure

The FC-BBW50 model delivers a broad, nearly flat emission spectrum spanning from 410nm to 670nm. This range enables precise analysis within this specific spectral region. The FC-BBW50-Plus model surpasses this capability by offering an even wider emission spectrum, covering an impressive range of 390nm to 750nm. Additionally, the FC-BBW27 model provides a warm white spectrum similar to that of a tungsten light source. This diverse range of products ensures that users can choose the model that best suits their specific needs.

These self-contained light sources come equipped with all the essential driver electronics and thermal management systems. Consequently, there is no need for an external controller to operate the light source. This convenient design simplifies the setup process for users and enhances overall usability.

The FC-BBW models with their wideband white light emission, fiber-coupled LED output, and self-contained design, offer remarkable flexibility, accuracy, and ease of use across a diverse range of spectroscopy applications.

Key Features:

Optical Specifications

Product P/N Total Power [mW] Normalized Value [a.u.] Bandwidth Power[mW]

Center [nm] Width [nm]

Wavelength (nm)  

Typical optical power from distal end of 1m fiber:

Fiber P/N Fiber Core
Fiber NA Output Power
Output Power
Output Power
M142L01 400 0.22 1.59 1.55 1.2
M28L01 400 0.39 4.0 3.9 3.1
M114L01 600 0.22 3.7 3.4 3.0
M29L01 600 0.39 9.0 8.2 7.1
M59L01 1000 0.5 33 32 25.2

 Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage Vdc 12
Power Adaptor Input   100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.7A

 General Specifications

Operation temperature range °C 10-35
Storage Temperature range °C -10-55
Operating relative humidity
(Non condensing)
% <90
Dimensions (L x W x H)   See drawing below
Head weight g 700
Power Adaptor Dimensions
(Lx W x H)
mm 93 x 54 x 36
Power Adaptor Weight g 209
Power Adaptor Safety  

 Mechanical Drawings



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