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Biological scientific research often requires investigating the light response of samples. We present here a special High Power Lightguide Coupled LED Light Source for this purpose. Biological samples need to be exposed to specific light wavelengths and irradiance levels [mW/cm^2] in a biological incubator or environmental chamber that maintains constant temperature and humidity during the experiment. Petri dishes and well plates are commonly used to hold the sample inside the incubator.

Incubator LED

This application faces two challenges: (a) the LED light source generates a lot of heat that needs air cooling and (b) the LED light source cannot work well in the high humidity and high temperature of the incubator. The best solution is to use a Lightguide-Coupled LED. The Lightguide-Coupled LED Light Source is placed outside the incubator, avoiding any interference between the incubator and the LED. The light guide is thin enough to pass through the Access Port of the incubator. Prizmatix offers a special 90° beam-folding beam folding mirror that can direct the light from a horizontal path to the vertical in order to illuminate the sample from top to down. This folding mirror accessory allows the use of light guide illumination even in tight spaces like incubators.


Prizmatix Light guide coupled LEDs, the UHP-F-LED series, are available at many different wavelengths. The UHP-F-LED series features ultra-high brightness and homogeneous illumination. Standard features include optically isolated TTL input for external triggering (no mechanical shutter needed) and Analog input, long lifetime, and rapid warm-up time. Additionally, a manual wired console and USB interface for computer control are available. LabVIEW, Python, and other code examples are available upon request.

Please refer to the UHP-F-LED product page.

Incubator LED

Ordering Information

Item Description


Ultra-High Power LED for 5mm light-guide (LLG-5) for microscopy and various illumination applications.

Please specify the wavelength: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 455nm, 525nm, 545nm, 560nm, 630nm, 730nm or
WDH - for High CRI White 5700K
WCS - for White 6500K,
WDS - for White 5665K,
WSS - for White 8500K.

The power adaptor is included. Fiber-Coupled High-Brightness light source for spectroscopy and various specialty illumination applications.
XX - Please specify output connectror SMA or FC.
Power adaptor is included.


WL - See the full list of the available wavelengths in the table above)

Prizmatix Lightguide. Core diameter 5mm.


The special 90° beam folding mirror

Optional wired control unit for manual control of the UHP-F illuminator.
Cable included.


USB to UHP-F interface box.
Enables UHP-F to work with Windows control software (supplied with the product).
Compatible with Windows-based software like MetaMorph, Micro-Manager, LabView, Matlab, and other software that can send HyperTerminal commands. Programming API and code examples are available upon request.


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