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Ultra High Power Collimated LED Light Sources for Fluorescence Microscopy

Ultra-High Power collimated LED light source modules are available at wavelengths from UV to Deep Red and White. These LEDs are excellent sources for fluorescence microscopy applications including confocal Olympus DSU, uncaging and other power demanding applications. The modular LED head design enables easy assembly of multi-wavelength systems and versatility in output light delivery to epi-fluorescence port of the microscope (direct or via light-guide).


Mic LEDs

High Power Collimated LED Light Sources for Microscopy

High Power collimated LED light source modules are available at numerous wavelengths from UV to NIR. Multiple modules can be easily combined to create multi-wavelength light source. The output beam is easily changed by user to be collimated, fiber coupled or light-guide coupled. These collimated LEDs are excellent light sources for Fluorescence Microscopy, cell culture and many other applications.


Fixed Systems


Single wavelength Light-guide coupled LED light sources

Prizmatix UHP-F-LED series of Ultra High Power LED (up to 70Watt) light guide coupled light sources was designed especially for routine microscopy and OEM illumination applications in life science instrumentation, confocal microscopy and many others. The UHP-F-LED housing is self-contained light source including all necessary driver electronics and thermal management, no special controller box is required to operate the module if used at maximum power.



UV + White collimated LED light source as direct substitute of epi-fluorecence Mercury lamp

Prizmatix UHP-M Dual-LED light engine is designed to substitute the Metal-Halide and Mercury lamps in fluorescence microscopy applications. Combining an Ultra-High-Power Broadband White LED (>55 Watt) and a High-Power UV LED (>10 Watt) it offers uniform and high power illumination for most popular fluorescent dyes. The illuminator provides easy integration with popular software packages like uManager, LabView, Matlab etc. via optional USB-Interface.


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